PA: PECO exploring DG, microgrid opportunities


PECO has filed with the PUC a proposed Long-Term Infrastructure Improvement Plan (LTIIP) and distribution system improvement charge (DSIC) to support the proposed five-year plan. PECO’s plan (Docket P-2015-2471423) indicates that it is analyzing future implementation of microgrids and policy changes that may be necessary to accommodate them, as well as DG projects that can provide “significant benefits to diverse customer agents,” including health-care and retirement communities, emergency-service providers, utility services, food services, and critical customer supplies and services. PECO stated that while it could seek recovery of such costs in a rate case, the time required to prepare a rate-case application and remain engaged in a rate case could compromise PECO’s ability to sustain its accelerated upgrade and replacement goals. PECO’s proposed LTIIP was filed concurrently with its 2015 rate case.