PV incentives round-up!


Solar PV incentive programs are notoriously tough to keep track of. Here’s a sample of recent developments:

  • In Arkansas, SWEPCO, an investor-owned utility, is offering commercial and industrial customers an incentive of $450/kW plus $0.35/kWh for energy saved during the first year of PV system operation. Generous incentives are also available for solar water heating.
  • In California, PV rebate programs have closed for customers of Burbank Water & Power and Imperial Irrigation District.
  • In Connecticut, CEFIA has revised incentive levels for 3rd-party-owned and customer-owned systems under the Residential Solar Investment Program. In addition, the deadline to receive a $600 rebate on interest payments under the CT Solar Loan program has been extended to September 30, 2014.
  • In Massachusetts, Block 19 of the Commonwealth Solar II rebate program has closed. Block 20 will open on October 7, 2014.
  • In Rhode Island, Block 3 funding for Commerce RI’s Small-Scale Solar Incentive program has opened. The application deadline is October 28, 2014.