RI: 2016 PV incentive levels could reach $0.45/kWh


Rhode Island’s DG Board has filed a report and recommendations on 2016 Renewable Energy Growth Program classes, ceiling prices and annual targets. The report includes the following recommendations for the state’s 2016 RE Growth Program:

  • Creating a pilot to increase program participation by non-profit projects, including affordable housing projects. The pilot would allow solar PV systems up to 250 kW, with ceiling prices ranging from $0.2955/kWh to $0.4525/kWh.
  • Including the 30% federal ITC in the small and medium solar classes’ ceiling prices, while assuming a 10% ITC for commercial and large PV projects.
  • Excluding the federal PTC for the wind, anaerobic digestion and small-scale hydropower classes’ ceiling prices.
  • Potentially altering the ceiling prices if applicable federal tax incentives are revised or created.
  • Setting ceiling prices of up to $0.3765/kWh for Small Solar I systems owned by hosts.
  • Setting ceiling prices of up to $0.2990/kWh for Small Solar I systems owned by third parties.
  • Setting a ceiling price of $0.2615/kWh for Small Solar II systems.
  • Approving National Grid’s proposed SolarWise program, designed to coordinate capacity from the RE Growth Program with the state’s annual energy-efficiency program.
  • Allowing Small Solar class funds to be available year-round.