RI: National Grid NEM tariff to welcome community solar


National Grid is seeking to amend its net-metering tariff to implement statutory amendments made by H. 8354, enacted in June. In general, National Grid has proposed amendments to implement provisions related to its 30-MW Community Remote Net Metering (CRNM) Pilot, to clarify how it applies NEM credits to customers’ bills, and to simplify and clarify certain provisions in the NEM tariff. National Grid will implement and manage the 30-MW CRNM Pilot and the enrollment process.

More specifically, National Grid’s proposed tariff revisions include:

  • Revising and adding definitions to incorporate CRNM.
  • Clarifying that the NEM customer is the customer of record for the billing account associated with the eligible NEM system.
  • Clarifying that a CRNM system may be located on a parcel of land that is remote from the net-metered accounts.
  • Clarifying that the Standard Offer Service charge portion of the NEM credit does not include the charge for Rhode Island’s Renewable Energy Standard.