RPS policies hotly contested in state legislatures


RPS policies are again attracting major attention in 2015 in state legislatures across the country. Since January 1, legislators in 29 states have introduced at least 86 bills that seek to amend or create RPS policies. Of these 86 bills, 28 — concentrated in 15 states — would weaken existing RPS policies. Included among these bills are proposals to repeal existing RPS policies, to extend RPS deadlines, or to weaken resource eligibility requirements. On the other hand, 29 bills — concentrated in 17 states — seek to strengthen existing RPS policies, mostly by either increasing percentage requirements or creating new standards. (Editor’s note: If you’d like to discuss a subscription or a one-time summary report of state energy legislation impacting renewables, including a nifty spreadsheet of 2015 RPS bills, please contact us.)