RPS Legislative Round-Up, Q1 2016


State RPS policies have long served as major drivers of state and regional renewables markets. And they remain a hot-button issue in many state legislatures. To celebrate the conclusion of Q1 2016, EQ Research decided to take a closer look at the swarm of RPS bills that emerged and evolved over the previous three months.

Key results:

  • During Q1 2016, a total of 71 bills that would impact RPS policies were introduced in 23 U.S. states and the District of Columbia.
  • Of those 71 bills, 10 bills (in CO, HI, NH, NJ, OR and WA) passed one chamber of a state’s legislature. Another seven bills (in ME, MD, OR and WA) passed both chambers.
  • Of the seven bills that passed both chambers, one bill (WA S.B. 6166) was vetoed, and one bill (OR S.B. 1547) was enacted. Oregon’s new law doubles the state’s existing RPS to 50% renewables by 2040, with interim benchmarks en route.
  • Of the 17 bills that passed one or both houses, all would either strengthen or make minor administrative changes an existing RPS.
  • New Jersey took first prize for the most RPS bills introduced during Q1 2016, clocking in at nine.
  • Of the 71 bills introduced during the first quarter, 58 are still active. An additional 34 bills introduced in 2015 are still active.

EQ Research’s RPS research was recently incorporated into Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s U.S. Renewables Portfolio Standards: 2016 Annual Status Report, published earlier this month. LBNL’s new report will not disappoint analysts, aficionados or outright nerds who are hungry for grade-A RPS data.

Note:  EQ Research offers a subscription service that tracks and summarizes state legislation that impacts clean energy. For details about this service, to view a sample, or to discuss a customized summary report, please contact us.