SC: Duke Energy utilities hatch community solar schemes


Duke Energy Progress and Duke Energy Carolinas have filed their community solar tariffs, PV incentive tariffs for residential customer-sited solar, and PV incentive tariffs for non-residential customer-sited solar for approval by the Public Service Commission. The filings stem from the July 2015 approval of a settlement agreement establishing the utilities’ DER programs. For both utilities, the residential and non-residential rebates would be offered for systems up to 1 MW, with initial rebate levels of $1/W. The community solar tariff would allows customers to subscribe to capacity from a community solar facility at a monthly rate of $6.25/kW for DEP customers, and of $6.00/kW for DEC customers. DEP customers would receive an energy credit of roughly $0.063/kWh based on their prorated share of the facility’s output, while DEC customers would receive roughly $0.060/kWh.

Both programs carry an initial subscription fee of $50/kW for residential customers and $100/kW for non-residential customers, and offer subscription lengths of up to 10 years.