TX: Major clarifications sought for DG rules


Staff of the Public Utilities Commission of Texas is seeking guidance on two new major issues. First, it wants guidance on whether the use of the term “on-site” in the current DG rule is meant to exclude from the rule a generator that is not “on-site.” (If so, there are not rules that would apply to interconnection of that type of generation). Second, it seeks guidance on whether the 10-MW cap in the existing DG rule should be increased or eliminated. (Currently, there is no rule addressing interconnection of a generation facility greater than 10 MW at distribution voltage). Specifically, Staff suggested that the PUCT can: (1) decide the issues in an existing rulemaking, (2) direct Staff to gather more information regarding these issues in a new docket, or (3) not address the issues at this time, reserving the option to address the issues in the future.