UT: RMP proposes EV, energy-storage programs


Rocky Mountain Power has filed plans to implement several programs under the Utah Sustainable Transportation and Energy Plan Act (STEP Act), which took effect May 10. RMP is seeking permission from the Public Service Commission to collect a total of $50 million to allocate to STEP Act programs over five years to fund or support initiatives that include the following:

  • Electric Vehicles: RMP would institute a electric vehicle pilot program, which would offer incentives for residential and commercial customers to install AC Level 2 charging stations, incentives for DC fast-charging station installations, and custom incentives available through a grant process.
  • “Clean Coal:” Funding would support five “clean coal” capture-and-sequestration projects or studies.
  • Advanced Substations: RMP seeks to gain increased visibility into its distribution system through an advanced substation metering project.
  • Battery Storage: RMP would install a distribution-side battery system with 650 kW of company-owned solar.
  • Air Quality: RMP would invest to curtail certain natural gas units.

In addition, under its STEP Act proposal, RMP would also commence two working groups addressing utility program funding and time-of-use rates for EVs, and would discontinue the Utah Solar Incentive Program.

The PSC has bifurcated this proceeding into two phases. The first phase will address much of the meat of the application through technical conferences.