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Timely tracking and analysis of regulatory proposals,
state legislation and general rate cases.

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Our staff digs into dockets, bills and other state policy initiatives to identify issues that impact renewables, distributed generation (DG), energy storage, electric vehicles (EVs) and low-carbon transportation fuels. EQ’s legislative tracking service reports on incentives, mandates and other proposals in state legislatures, while EQ’s regulatory tracking service reports on new and open dockets, and other regulatory activities. Summaries are available in a customized, searchable, online portal. Highlight reports are delivered twice monthly via email.

Key Features


Detailed reports and summary highlights


Alerts of rapidly evolving developments


Links to key documents, websites and articles


Upcoming actions, important dates and deadlines


Customize the states and issues in your online portal


Renewables and DG policy issues:
  • RPS policies, RECs, SRECs
  • Net metering, virtual net metering
  • Community solar
  • 3rd-party system ownership
  • Feed-in tariffs, reverse auction mechanisms, solar valuation
  • Interconnection issues
  • Rate design
  • Utility-owned DG
  • Distribution system planning
  • Major financial incentive programs
  • PACE financing, on-bill financing
  • Property tax policy
  • Permitting, zoning
  • State energy plans



EQ’s staff monitors and analyzes rate cases for proposals that would erode the value of distributed solar, energy efficiency and/or energy storage. Utilities are increasingly seeking to recover their fixed costs by shifting to customers charges that customers can’t avoid, and by raising or creating charges that target DG customers.

Our analyses summarize the major rate-design components proposed in each rate case. Reports are typically delivered within a few business days of the utility’s initial filing. Data and analyses for all rate cases are maintained in a searchable, online portal. We also provide a twice-monthly digest of key rates developments, highlighting new issues and trends that arise around the country.

Rate case issues:
  • Revisions to existing rate structures and tariffs
  • New rates, rate options and tariffs
  • Increases in fixed charges and demand charges
  • Discriminatory charges and other proposals that would erode the value of DG, net metering, energy efficiency or energy conservation
  • Utility DG programs, including community solar programs



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